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Conferences and Events

2024 Startup Week Database

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A database of over 20 startup week events from around the US and beyond! Join your city's next startup week and connect with founders, investors, and other key players.

Startup weeks are a great place for founders, government, investors, and other players to come together and help grow their startup ecosystem. They’re also a great opportunity for networking, finding your next job, or new customers for your services.

At Peak Digital Studio, we try to attend our local tech weeks, both in Reno and Las Vegas, as well as other cities we happen to be passing through, as we find the events a valuable way to grow our skills, network, and embed ourselves further in the tech and startup community.

For that reason, we began building a database of local tech and startup weeks from across the US and beyond, and thought we’d open source it for our audience to enjoy.

Below you’ll find over 20 (and growing) startup week events. If we’re missing any, let us know! And we hope to see you at the next one!

Startup Week FAQs

What is a Startup Week?

A startup week is a weeklong series of events aimed at promoting entrepreneurship, innovation, networking, and investment in a certain local. Typically the events include workshops, pitch competitions, mentor sessions, and panel discussions.

Who Should Attend a Startup Week?

Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Startup weeks are an invaluable resource for those looking to launch their first venture. Here’s how they can help:

  • Networking Opportunities: Meet like-minded individuals, potential co-founders, and collaborators who share your entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Access to Mentors and Industry Experts: Gain insights and advice from seasoned professionals who can guide you through the early stages of your startup journey.
  • Exposure to Potential Investors: Present your ideas to investors who are looking for the next big thing, providing you with opportunities to secure funding and support.

Established Startups: For startups that are already off the ground but looking to grow, startup weeks offer numerous benefits:

  • Learning New Strategies and Technologies: Stay ahead of the curve by learning about the latest trends, tools, and techniques that can help scale your business.
  • Collaborations and Partnerships: Connect with other startups and organizations to explore potential collaborations and partnerships that can drive growth and innovation.

Investors and VCs: Investors and venture capitalists attend startup weeks to scout for promising new ventures. Here’s why they find these events valuable:

  • Direct Access to Innovative Startups: Meet startups at the forefront of innovation, providing a firsthand look at emerging technologies and business models.
  • Opportunities to Mentor and Guide New Entrepreneurs: Engage with the next generation of entrepreneurs, offering mentorship and guidance that can shape the future of the startup ecosystem.

Tech Enthusiasts and Innovators: For those passionate about technology and innovation, startup weeks are a goldmine of information and inspiration:

  • Stay Updated with the Latest Trends: Keep abreast of the latest developments in the tech world and see cutting-edge innovations in action.
  • Contribute to Discussions and Share Knowledge: Participate in discussions, panels, and workshops, sharing your expertise and learning from others in the community.

Community Builders and Ecosystem Developers: Individuals dedicated to building and nurturing startup ecosystems will find startup weeks particularly beneficial:

  • Understand Local Startup Needs and Dynamics: Gain a deeper understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities within local startup communities.
  • Foster Community Support and Collaboration: Encourage a supportive environment for startups to thrive, promoting collaboration and the sharing of resources within the ecosystem.

Matthew Johnson

Published on

January 2, 2024