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Y Combinator

YC Application Questions Template

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Get the YC application questions template in Google Docs so you can draft, share, and get feedback before submitting! Save 10 minutes of copying and pasting.

Are you considering applying for Y Combinator (YC) with your startup? YC is the premier startup accelerator in the world, and a critical part of getting in is a great application.

As a founder, you have a lot on your plate, so we wanted to save you 10 minutes of copying and pasting the application into a Google or Word doc so you can draft, and get feedback on your YC application before hitting submit. Below you’ll find the application and all the questions you’ll need to answer.

YC Application Questions

You can access the Google Doc template with all the questions here.

This takes you to an editable version of the Y Combinator application to make it easy to fill out and share/get feedback on. If you would like to use it, select ‘File’ in the top left, and make a copy.

Click here to get to the actual YC application.

YC Application Tips

Need some help making sure your YC application has the best chance of success? Here are the top tips for crafting a winning application.

Be Clear and Concise

YC reviewers go through thousands of applications. Ensure your answers are to the point and easy to understand. Avoid jargon and be straightforward about what your company does and why it matters.

Explain the Problem and Your Solution

Clearly define the problem you are solving and explain why your solution is unique or better than existing solutions. It’s crucial to show that you have a deep understanding of the problem and a viable solution.

Highlight Traction

Demonstrating traction can significantly strengthen your YC application. Include metrics or achievements that highlight your progress and traction, such as user growth, revenue, or anything else that shows you’re building something people want.

The Team

The founding team is critical for most investors, and Y Combinator is no different. Highlight the team's background, relevant expertise, and why you are the right people to solve this problem. If you've worked together previously or have a history of building things together, mention this, as it shows stability and cohesion in the team.

Show Your Passion and Commitment

YC is looking for founders who are deeply committed to their startup. Express your dedication to your vision and willingness to endure startup life's ups and downs.

Review and Refine

Before submitting your application, have it reviewed by mentors, peers, or other founders. Fresh eyes can help catch errors and provide feedback on your application's perception. If you know someone that’s gone through YC before, have them review it.

Prepare a Great Video

YC applications require a short video of the founders. This is your opportunity to make a personal connection with the reviewers. Keep it simple, direct, and authentic. Clearly state who you are, what you're doing, and why you're passionate about it.

YC Frequently Asked Questions

What is Y Combinator?

YC is a startup accelerator that provides seed funding and support for startups. YC is a three month program, with the goal of helping startups take off, providing guidance on everything from product to fundraising, as well as capital, a community, and the prestige of being a YC company.

How much does YC invest?

YC invests $500k total. $125k is done on a post-money SAFE for 7% of the company, and an $375k is investored on an uncapped SAFE with a Most Favored Nation provision.

What’s the acceptance rate for Y Combinator?

Generally about 10k startups apply for YC, and they typically accept between 1.5% - 2% of them.

What is the next YC application deadline?

YC has two batches throughout the year - Summer and Winter. To find the next batch’s application deadline, head to

Where is Y Combinator located?

YC is based in San Francisco, CA.

Matthew Johnson

Published on

April 12, 2024