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About Us: Website Design Truckee

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Website Design Truckee. Peak Digital Studio provides affordable, world class design and development services, right here in Truckee/Tahoe.

Given we’re relative newcomers, we wanted to take a second to introduce ourselves. We’re Peak Digital Studio, providing world-class but affordable website design: Truckee and beyond. We have clients from Tahoe City to Colfax, San Francisco to New York, but we love working locally.

We achieve affordability by working on a subscription basis with our clients, meaning we don’t charge a substantial up-front fee to design and build your website. Instead, you pay as you go, getting you a brand new website and ongoing support, updates, changes, and hosting. We help you keep your website fresh, fix bugs, and make sure your site never goes down.

Our Story

Peak Digital Studio started in July 2023. We’ve worked in design and technology for several years and moved to the Truckee/Tahoe area in 2007.

We love working with local Truckee/Tahoe businesses because in this age of Zoom, sitting across the table from your clients and friends over a coffee or beer or even taking a meeting on KT makes work much more fun. We’re fortunate to work with several local clients, but also ones based all over California and the world.

Our Services

We do a lot more than just website design! While that’s our leading service, we also provide a broad range of design and development work, including product design, logo/branding, social media assets, Webflow development, integrations, and more. Just about anything design or web-related, we can help!

Reach out for Website Design Truckee

Want to learn if Peak Digital Studio is right for you? Send me an email, or better yet, book an introductory call, and we can kick off your project today!

Matthew Johnson

Published on

January 19, 2024